Dare to challenge difficulties, help you solve other people's problems.

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Do not let go of any minor fact relations, and regard them as the focus of debate.

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Since its establishment, the company attaches great importance to the construction of professional teams.
We have Korean lawyers, lawyers and accountants with international strength.
Our professional team has excellent legal knowledge
Enrich the international experience, analyze the core of the matter, set up the strategic direction, and provide the correct answers.

  • International transactions International transactions

    The trade in goods and services across the border is generally made up of import and export trade, so it can also be called import and export trade.

  • overseas investment overseas investment

    By investing money, securities, physical objects, intellectual property rights or technology, equity, creditor's rights and other assets and interests or providing guarantees, we get overseas ownership, operation and management rights and other related rights and interests.

  • Acquisition and annexation Acquisition and annexation

    The firm escorts you in the course of development
    Own strong professional strength and comprehensive professional service

  • Criminal case Criminal case

    A criminal case is a case involving a criminal suspect or a defendant who is accused of violating the social relations protected by the criminal law, and the state in order to investigate a criminal suspect or to give him a criminal sanction.

  • litigation litigation

    Litigation refers to the judicial organs of the state that the people's court, in accordance with the law, in the parties and other participants in the proceedings under the settlement litigation activities according to law

  • Consultation Consultation

    The firm is introducing different areas to customers
    A large number of consultancy groups and better cost-effective solutions

  • How much is the rise of the tax threshold? How much is the rise of the tax threshold?

    What is a tax? The individual income tax is the individual income tax. As the name suggests, is the personal property income required to pay the cost, including the labor remuneration, year-end bonus, individual industrial and commercial households operating income, royalties, dividends and a series of personal income. The expropriation of the individual tax...

  • Will the court forcibly decide to dissolve the adoption relationship Will the court forcibly decide to dissolve the adoption relationship

    Through the adoption method we can know, the termination of the adoptive relationship can terminate the agreement, when the negotiation fails can also be through the court proceedings to resolve, the court will identify the facts of the case, a reasonable solution to termination of an adoptive relationship, then, if we go to court to resolve through litigati...

  • What is a form contract What is a form contract

    What are the more and more extensive use of formatting terms? What is a form contract? What are the types of the formatting terms and contracts? What are the features of the formatting clause contract? The following is introduced by the law express. First, the contract terms of format:

  • What do you do when the right to privacy is infringed What do you do when the right to privacy is infringed

    The right to privacy is a basic personality right. Personal privacy is protected by law. It is not only a violation of social morality but also an illegal act to invaded the private life of others and open the privacy of others. So what do you do when the right to privacy is violated? The following is the introduction of the law express to you, and I hope to...

  • How do you apply for music copyright? How do you apply for music copyright?

    More and more attention has been paid to intellectual property. Many music websites have begun to charge for music, and music is also entitled to copyright. After the music is registered, other people use the work to obtain a music license, otherwise it constitutes a tort. So, how do you apply for music copyright? The following is a detailed introduction to ...

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